13 summer seasonal business ideas this year

With summer approaching, it’s time to think about potential business ideas that could work this season. Summer is usually the best time to launch a new business, as people are more likely to spend money on seasonal ventures and new activities. In this review, we’ll tell you how to get started with a small business idea that you can launch in the summer.

What is a summer seasonal business?

Summer business refers to local businesses that mainly operate during the summer season or make most of their income during the summer months. But that doesn’t mean that business ideas can’t work out of season.

Why should you start your business in the summer?

Ideas need to be brainstormed and ready to go in winter so that in the first warm days, you can already do a test run of the business and work out all the workflows, therefore by the start of the season to make full steam ahead. Summer business ideas have great potential for success. Here are a few reasons why you should consider starting your own summer business:

  • Income: Summer business ideas can lead to a profitable seasonal business for additional income.
  • Employment made easier: you can more effectively get extra help for your business by hiring a college student or local students for summer jobs where they can earn extra money, and usually students and pupils don’t ask for big salaries.
  • Funding: You can get a small business loan based on your ideas for the summer months and start a business with a lot of capital.
  • Take advantage of the warm weather: With so many tourists and people travelling during the season, you have a wider target market for your business idea.

The best summer seasonal business ideas for summer

There are many great small business ideas you can consider when starting your own business. You can create a profitable business based on the needs of the region, what tourists/travelers are looking for, and other seasonal factors that lead to a high demand for certain services or products. We take a look at some of the best business ideas to help you get started.

  1. swimming pool cleaning business

A great business idea is to offer pool maintenance and other services to pool owners in the area, especially in the summer when pools are used more often. Most pool owners are looking for extra help during the summer to make it easier to attract customers. Before you start, research the number of pools in your area, the number of hotels with spa areas. And the competition in this niche.

  1. summer camps for children

A summer camp is a great idea for small business owners looking for a purely seasonal business. Summer camp can be a lucrative business idea to keep kids busy and entertained during the summer holidays, as schools and kindergartens are also going on holidays and parents are wondering “Who will keep the kids busy and who will look after them while they are at work”. You can rent sports equipment and plan other activities to keep the kids occupied and create a cool summer experience for them.

  1. Souvenir business

If you are looking for an inexpensive business idea, a small souvenir business might suit you. Buying cheap souvenirs in bulk is relatively inexpensive, you can order souvenirs from China before the season, and you can open a small shop in the summer as a flexible business model that will work out of season. If you are successful in finding a supplier, the margin will be as high as several thousand percent.

  1. Planning and preparing a local event

For areas where there are many local events during the summer, you can offer planning and/or event preparation services. This may include planning the event itself, from the start to the organisation of the day. Depending on business opportunities and available resources, this may also include event organisation, including transport, equipment set-up, equipment removal/installation, security and safety, etc.

  1. Food business

A food business is a great summer business idea that is quickly becoming popular, especially if it is a cold or quick healthy meal. If you want to make a small investment rather than going va-bank to a restaurant, consider running a food truck, bicycle coffee shop, ice cream or lemonade trailer. Costs are relatively lower and food trucks have a simpler business structure. You can find more information online, including whether you need a business license and how to start your own catering business.

  1. Open a local seasonal retail shop

Seasonal retail shops or stalls, such as a local grocery shop, can be an easy business to start in the summer, especially if there are no options in the surrounding area to create more opportunities for customers to shop for seasonal goods.

  1. Start a farmers’ market

If your area is known for local produce and products or residents need fresh produce, you could start a small local organic farmers’ market, working together. The farmer’s market could work by renting space and become a weekly event. This could be a great way to raise awareness among residents and tourists about what the area has to offer and give residents access to fresh produce.

  1. Original crafts and art

Special skills such as arts and crafts are another way to make money over the summer. For example, you can set up an original arts and crafts shop and sell your wares with relatively low start-up costs for materials and goods. Selling arts and crafts is an ideal business idea for women entrepreneurs who want to monetise their formal education and skills. You can also run workshops and daytime activities to teach children, as this is a great way to make money and keep children occupied during the summer months.

  1. Photography business

If you are looking for extra income, a photography related business can help you make money. This could include working with commercial clients such as local businesses, or photographing events such as weddings and graduations.

  1. Transportation services

If there is no transportation in your area, consider a business where you could offer transportation services. Services could include taxis for personal and group trips, bus services from one area to another, or car-sharing services during the busy summer months.

  1. a car wash

Car wash services are great for the summer months as it is easy to purchase all the tools without spending a lot of money initially. You can start by providing car wash services to local residents and neighbours and expand in the area depending on demand.

  1. Mini golf course

If you’re looking for something quirky or unique, consider opening a mini golf course. For example, you could create a pop-up golf course for the summer or rent a space and start your own business by designing a permanent mini golf course. Create fun marketing materials for the course to entice customers and offer summer offers to expand the business.

  1. Cleaning services

Cleaning services are in demand all year round and are easy to start if you know how to get cheap and quality cleaning products. A cleaning business can include house cleaning, business or office cleaning, window cleaning and even lawn and garden services.

What businesses thrive in the summer?

Many businesses make money in the summertime, especially when they are positioned as summer businesses.

This includes:

  • Refrigeration trucks, such as ice cream parlours
  • Pool cleaning businesses
  • Summer camps
  • Souvenir business

What is the best business for all seasons?

Some options are good for year-round businesses as they will always attract customers.

These businesses can include:

  • Grocery or retail shops
  • Original craft and art businesses
  • Transportation services