The number of multimillionaires in the world has decreased

The number of multimillionaires in the world has decreased

Global problems in the economy and geopolitical instability, caused, among other things, by the events in Ukraine, have affected the financial condition of many of the richest people on the planet. Experts from Wealth-X conducted a study and found that in the first six months of this year, the number of people with ultra-high wealth (that is, more than $ 30 million) has decreased.

According to experts, the total amount of all the assets of the super-rich people is approximately 42 trillion dollars. This is 11 percent lower than it was in the first half of 2021. And in total, 392.4 thousand multimillionaires live on the planet – this is 6 percent lower than it was from January to June last year.

Most of the super-rich people became less in North America. In the region where they are concentrated, the number of multimillionaires decreased by almost 10 percent in 2022 (to 134.5 thousand people). In Europe, the number of rich people has decreased by almost 7 percent (to 100,000 people). In Asia, in comparison with the indicated regions, the super-rich citizens felt the impact of negative economic processes to a lesser extent. People with a fortune above 30 million dollars have decreased by 4 percent (116 thousand people).

Virtually no crisis has affected the Middle East and Latin America, along with the Caribbean. Experts note that in these regions the basis of the wealth of multimillionaires is mining. Here, experts have recorded an increase in the number of the world’s richest people, as energy prices have recently increased. The largest increase in the number of wealthy citizens was in the Middle East (an increase of 7.4 percent).

Of the top ten countries in which the world’s wealthiest people live, only China did not feel the decline in their number. China ranks second in the conditional ranking in terms of the number of rich people. For six months, their number increased by another 2.3 percent (up to 51.1 thousand people). The decrease in the number of multimillionaires at once by 10 percent, however, did not displace the United States from the first position in the ranking. Approximately 121.5 thousand people live there now with a fortune of more than 30 million dollars.

Experts note that the decline in the number of multimillionaires occurred for the first time since 2018 due to the “impact of shock waves” on their assets.