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How to keep your PC clean from unwanted installation software

When we download software from websites is very often nowadays when we install this software to install also and one or more additional advertising software. Mostly during installation it has a check box if you want to install this advertising software but because the most people never read the instructions during installations and just clicking next or finish button we install on PC all this often annoying unwanted installation software as result many of them to run when windows start automatically and pop up very annoying window messages.

We can take as an example the flash player installation I am sure everyone who read right now it has experienced the very annoying McAfee antivirus «and useless» after flash player installation or update.

How to solve these unwanted installation?

It’s simple before we download any software we read or pay attention to any details before we click the download button and we need pay attention before clicking next button during the installation to uncheck any box prompting to install another software from what we have downloaded.

But in case which even during installation there is nothing prompting to install another software and when installation its completed its already automatically installed additional software and with hope to we get noticed early this because 70% of such automatic installations it is malicious software and can harm your PC, the windows normal operation or in worst case to steal any personal data you store on it.

What we do when happens automatically unwanted software installation?

First step we go on START and in search box we type uninstall or (type uninstall with language the windows run) and click the result «Uninstall a Program» on the window pop up we short by day the installation with clicking on the bar above the dates counter we make from present to past so to be visible the current day installations just right click on the software you never install and don’t know and uninstall it.

Unwanted Installation

It is 99% after this you clean your pc from unwanted software but would be wise the next step to check what is running automatically at windows startup to do this just click on START and in search box type «msconfig» this work on any windows language then we navigate on «Startup» tab and look there the items mostly there its very known items if you noticed any suspicious item with non sense name just uncheck the box and click ok.

Unwanted Installation

Most likely after those steps, you maintain your PC clean and safe from any unwanted or harmful software and can save you time and money from further problems.